Published Books

Guide to Enjoying Nepalese Festivals, Kali Press, Kathmandu
Kathmandu, Times Travel Library, Singapore
Nepalese Georgics: the Book of Rice, Pilgrim’s Book House, Kathmandu
Tales of Old Bhaktapur, Pilgrim’s Book House, Kathmandu
Kathmandu Valley, Art Asia Press, Bangkok
Pokhara: in the Shadow of the Annapurnas, Art Asia Press, Bangkok

Meet the Akhas, White Lotus, Bangkok
Cultures of the World: Thailand, Times Editions, Singapore
Thailand: Land of Enchantment, Times Editions, Singapore
The Akha: Guardians of the Forest, Teak House, Chiang Mai

Children of the Jade Dragon: the Naxi of Lijiang and their Mountain Neighbours the Yi, Teak House, Chiang Mai
The Exploration of Yunnan, Yunnan People’s Publishing House, Kunming
Joseph F. Rock and his Shangrila, Caravan Press, Hong Kong
Yunnan: South of the Clouds, Odyssey Publications, Hong Kong
Grand Canyon of the East, Yunnan People’s Publishing House, Kunming

Uniquely Vietnamese, World Publishing House, Hanoi
A Dragon Still Ascending: 1000 Years of Hanoi, World Publishing House, Hanoi
Delta to Delta:  the Vietnamese Move South, World Publishing House, Hanoi


  1. Hi Jim

    I enjoy your blog site and have read and enjoyed some of your books. I, like you, have a strong interest in SE Asian and Chinese history and culture. I wonder if you can help me? The last time I was in Lijiang in 2012 I happened upon an office of a Chinese film crew who were making a movie about Joseph Rock- not a documentary but a dramatization.
    I have not been able to find any further information about it and wonder if the film is still in production.
    Do you know anything about the movie?
    Peter Dixon

  2. Hi Peter--
    Sorry I didn't notice your note earlier. Only discovered ut when showing a friend the different parts of the site Anyway, I did not know of a Rock film, but I haven't been keeping up on developments in Lijiang. However, you could contact my friend Lu Feng, who grew up in Lijiang, lives in Kunming, but is regularly in touch with Lijiang. He would probably know if there is a film about Rock in process or scheduled. His e-mail is Cheers Jim