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Crossing the Angry River, about riding rope-bridges across the Nu River
The Longest Dinner, about the annual Hani collective village feast
Stairways to the Sky, about the ancient rice terraces along the Red River
Up the Sword Ladder, about a strange Lisu festival
Dressing Up as Tigers, about a weird costume dance of the Yi people 
Where Salt Was King, about Heijing when it was Yunnan’s main salt source
The Alphabets of Yunnan, on the different writing systems of the minorities
Congratulations, Hani Farmers, on why rice terraces became a World Heritage Site
Calling on the Wa in China, about the three kinds of Wa people in Yunnan
The Terraces of Baishuitai, on the natural rock terraces in Shangrila County
The Dai Stilted House, on the traditional Xishuangbanna house and its future
The Jinuo People Honor the Blacksmith, on an ethnic festival in Xishuangbanna
Weishan, Birthplace of a Native Kingdom, on the city’s tradition and architecture
Imperialist Vestige in Yunnan: The French Railway, the story of the rail connection between Hekou and Kunming
The Last Mongols in Yunnan, a Tonghai community that survived the Ming expulsion
Lugu Lake—Where Women Are in Charge, on the Mosuo matrilineal society
From Zhongdian to Shangrila, on the Tibetans of nw Yunnan
People of the Stone Forest, about the legend of Ashima and the Sani Yi
Turn-of-the-Century Kunming, when it still had an old town
The Dali Third Month Fair, goods and entertainment of the city’s biggest annual event
Marketing Dai Culture in Xishuangbanna, about policies on cultural tourism
Water-Splashing Time Again, about celebrating Dai New Year in Jinghong
Duoyi River Water-Wheels, on the Buyi of Luoping County
Learning to Use a Crossbow, cultural adventures with the Lisu in Nujiang
Pride in Embroidery--the Beautiful Huayao Yi, on traditions in Shiping County
The White Yi Bull Fights—on an ethnic festival in Xundian County
At the Top of the Nujiang Canyon:  Life in Bingzhongluo, on the Tibetan and Nu residents and scenic wonders of the district
Buddhist Mountaineers, on the Bulang of Xishuangbanna
Pleasures of the Black Lisu Homelandadventures exploring Fugong County
The Ethnic Mix of Little-Known Menglian, on the county’s Dai, Wa, Lahu and Aini
The Eastern Shore of Dali’s Erhai Lake, on Bai farming and fishing villages, islands and temples across the lake from Dali
Going Remote for New Year- Celebrating on the Nanding river
New Gods for Frontier People, on early missionaries in the Lancangjiang and Nujiang valleys
A Guest of the Cool Mountain Yion hospitality and other domestic rituals of the Ninglang County Yi
Market Day in Yunnanon a colorful commercial tradition in the province
Discoveries in Dayao County, on the Yi and other attractions in northwest Chuxiong
The Branch Peoples: Minor Minorities of Xishuangbanna, on the Ake , Kunge, Kemu and Kucong
Appreciating the Hua Yao Dai, on a festival showcasing an animist Dai sub-group
Flames on thePlains—the Torch Festival in Dali, on the origin and activity of the Bai version of the festival
Assembly at Lion Mountain—The Mosuo Honor Goddess Ganmo, on worshiping the Mosuo people’s chief deity
Yunnan’s Muslims:  the Hui Minority in Southwest China, on the rise, repression and revival of Islam in the province
The Hidden Lakes of Medicine Mountain, on Yi yak herders and high-altitude lakes in Ninglang County
Dai Ways in Yunnan's Red River Counties, on the animist Dai sub-groups
Blending the Buddha and the Benzhu in Bai Religion, on the cult of the village god
Jianshui Through the Ages, on the city's cultural and architectural legacy
By Tractor-Trailer to the River of Golden Sand, on a road journey from Huihua to Wanbi in Dayao County
Buddhist Yi and Other Gengma County Surprises, on the ethnic minorities of the county 
The French, Miao and Yi in Mengzi, on the historical and ethnic attractions of the city
At the End of the Burma Road--the Dai of Dehong, on the people and sights of Mangshi
Yao Variety in Jinping County, on the Landian, Hongtou and Sha Yao sub-groups
Puzhehei--A Second Sani Homeland, on the Yi people in a scenic area in Qiubei County
Brine and Bridges--The Yunlong Legacy, on Nuodeng salt village, 'wind and rain bridges' and other sights in the county
The Reclusive Alu of Laojizhai, on a Yi sub-group in the mountains of Jinping County
Dai Temple Art in Jinggu County, on stone and wood carvings in Jinggu, Yongping and Qiannuo
Non-Buddhist Dai in Xishuangbanna, on the animist and Muslim sub-groups
Dali to Jianchuan: Other Lakes, Other Bai, on the dights and people of Eryuan and Jianchuan
Wandering Around Weixi County, on old Tibetan temples, the Naxi and the Lisu
The Beauty of Erosion, on the Stone Forest, Colored Sand Forest and Earth Forest
History All Around--The Monuments of Dali, on the ancient city's architectural legacy
Hidden Attractions in Mengla County, on the mountains and the minorities
Festival Time for Tibetans and Their Horses, on the Horse Racing Festival in Shangrila
Babao to Haizibian:  Through the Middle of Wenshan, on the landscapes and people
Bridging Gaps, Gorges, Streams and Rivers in Yunnan, on the use of bamboo, wood, stone and iron
Xishuangbanna Craft Villages, Past and Present, on surviving handicraft traditions in Banna
Limi Yi Discoveries in Wumulong, on meeting a little known Yu branch in Lincang Prefecture
The Frontier Peoples of Western Dehong, on the Dai,Achang, Jingpo, Lisu and De'ang
Ethnic Territory--the Honghe Borderlands, on the people and markets of the southern districts
Qujing to Zhaotong a Look at Northeast Yunnan, on its scenic, ethnic and historical sights
Tiger-Eaters of Lincang, on the Lahu in Nanmei District
Pu'er Tea in Xishuangbanna, on its cultivation, processing and speculation mania
Naxi Religion--a Mixture of Creeds, on the blending of Buddhism, Daoism and the dongba tradition
The Yi Torch Festival--Urban Celebrations, on government-sponsored events in Chuxiong and Yangbi
Yaks in Yunnan, on the many uses of the animal in the northwest
The Other Side of the Azure Mountains--Shaxi to Xiaguan, on the people and places of an ancient caravan route
The Tropic of Cancer and the Hani in Mojiang, encounters with the Hani in Mojiang and villages
The Last Wild River in China, portrait of the Nu River in Nujiang Prefecture
Trekking Through Tiger Leaping Gorge, on Yunnan's most popular hiking route
Refuge in Yunnan:  the Tragic History of the Miao, from ancient times until today
Heqing Remake, on the transformation of a traditional Bai city
Colors and Crowds in Yuanyang County, on its scenic terraces and ethnic diversity
Classic Temples in Kunming, on the city's religious legacy of over a thousand years


Baskets on the Ocean, about the unique basket boats on the Vietnamese coast
Human Chess in Vietnam, about an unusual festival activity
To Dance as a Goddess, about the popular Holy Mothers cult
Vietnamese Citadels, about the ancient citadels, how and why they were made
The Island That Remembers, about honoring a famous Vietnamese naval victory
Silver Street’s New Temple, on celebrating the restoration of a Hanoi temple
The Best Beer in Hanoi, on the fresh beer social scene in the city
Living in a National Relic, about life in a preserved traditional village
Only the Ruins Remain, on the Chăm architectural legacy in South Central Vietnam
Hanoi: the Most Asian City in Southeast Asia, on what makes the city unique
The Communal House of a Vietnamese Village, its role in local culture
Châu Đốc—the Diamond of the Delta, river and rural life in An Giang province
Hà Tiên—the Last Seaport in Vietnam, how a Chinese refugee port rose to fame
Deifying National Heroes in Vietnam, on patriotism mixed with religion
Magic on the Pond—Vietnamese Water-Puppets, on a unique national tradition
To Pray and to Play:  Attending Vietnamese Festivals, on the entertainment aspect
The Chăm Legacy of Quảng Nam, Vietnam, on Mỹ Sơn and other Chăm sites 
Friendship Village, Vietnam, on facilities established by U.S. and Vietnamese war veterans to deal with victims of Agent Orange)
Lang Son, Vietnam's Gateway to China, on the city's physical and ethnic attractions 
Female Protagonists in Vietnamese Theater, on the village chèo plays
The Three Incarnations of Hi An, the rise, fall and revival of an important ancient port
The Transformation of Nha Trang, from a Chăm capital to a seaside tourist playground
Refuge and Revolution in Cao Bằng, on the Tảy, Nùng, Mạc and Việt Minh
Beyond the Descending Dragon:  Vietnam’s Northeast Coast, on its ports, islands, boats and sea turtles
Khmer at the Mouth of the Mekong, on Khmer culture in Trà Vinh province
The Art of a Tày Funeral in Northern Vietnam, on the separate rituals for the soul
And the Beat Goes On- the variety of Vietnamese percussion
Meetings with the Mường—Cousins of the Vietnamese, calling on a village war heroine, among others
Tuồng Theater:  the Vietnamese Version of Chinese Opera, on its nature, origin and development
Time for Tết, the Vietnamese New Year, on the holiday preparations, rituals and celebrations
The Enduring Attraction of Sapa, on the mountains and minorities of an historic tourist site 
The Heart of the Mekong Delta, on Mỹ Tho, Vĩnh Long and CầnThơ
Splendor and Neglect:  The Tombs and Times of the Early Nguyễn Emperors, on the royal mausoleums near Huế
Rainy Day Markets in NW Hà Giang, encounters with several ethnic minorities
Before the Dragon Rose:  Vietnam's Ancient Capitals, on Văn Lang, Cổ Loa and Hoa Lư
It's Always Spring in Đà Lạt, on a French-built Central Highlands resort town
Expanding and Adapting:  When the Vietnamese Moved South, on the how and why of migration
In Search of the Hà Nhì in Vietnam, encounters in the northwest mountains
Roaming Around Huế--the Last Imperial City, on discovering the city's urban and rural delights
New Year Part Two:  Early Festivals Around Hanoi, action at the Perfume Pagoda, Lim Hill and Và Temple
Nature and Man in Ninh Bình, on the province's scenery and historical attractions
Religion in Old Saigon, on the city's first temples and churches
Crossing the Climate Boundary: From Huế to Đà Nẵng, on the route across the Hải Vân Pass
Beyond Sapa: the Ethnic Mélange, on the people over the mountains west and north
Making a New Hanoi--French-style, on colonial architecture's purpose, development and influence
Mai Châu to Lai Châu:  Through the Thái Lands of Vietnam, on the Black Thái and White Thái of the northwest
Thanh Hóa's Famous Families, on the landscapes, history and influence of the province
Getting to Know Bắc Hà, on the markets and minorities of the district
Hanoi's Shrinking Waters, on the history of water surface in the city
Home-stay with the Dao in Quản Bạ, on the lures and limits of overnights in ethnic villages
Hanoi's Roving Vendors, on the motives and lifestyle of the city's mobile merchants
A Religion of Fusion--Vietnam's Cal Đài Faith, on its beliefs, practice and history
West of Hanoi:  a Journey through Time,  on historical sites in former Hà Tây province
Making the Đồng Văn Circuit--the Northern Tip of Vietnam, on the natural and ethnic characteristics
Ninh Thuận, Vietnam:  the Chăm Who Stayed, on contemporary Chăm in their last historic homeland
Motorcycling Around Bắc Hà, on the mountains, minorities and markets in the district
Khmer Temples in Southeast Vietnam, journey to sites in Sóc Trăng and Bạc Liêu provinces
Education in Imperial Vietnam, on the Confucian system and the Temple of Literature
Huếs Citadel, on its construction, historical role and renovation
Hanoi's Old Quarter, on the old town's thousand years of development

Relics of Triumph in Điện Biện Phủ, on the 1954 battle and its physical legacy


Chiang Mai’s Younger Brother, about Kengtung in northeast Shan State
Shan State Getaway, on the history of a Shan area close to Mandalay
Shifting Royal Capitals of Pre-colonial Burma, on Sagaing, Ava and Amarapura
Maymyo—Myanmar’s Historic Hill Station, vestiges of a British summer retreat
Return to Kengtung--Luxury Style, on the changes since 1998
More Than Just Entertainment:  Myanmar's Marionettes, on the revival of a  classic tradition
Bagan's Sea of Pagodas, monuments of Myanmar's newest World Heritage SIte


Hill Tribes vs. Nasty Spirits,  about the nature of animism in northern Thailand
Looking Pretty—Tribal Style, about the aesthetics of the hill people
A New Kind of Elephant Experience, about the elephant sanctuary in Mae Taeng
The Akha Swing Festival, a.k.a ‘Women’s New Year’, its celebration in Thailand and Xishuangbanna
Lamphun and the Mon Queen's Legacy, on the first state in northern Thailand
In the Shadows of History--a Visit to Chiang Saen, pre-earthquake look at an ancient Lanna city
Art and the Akha Woman, on making clothing and the styles of three Akha sub-groups
Tigers Out, People In--the Second Founding of Chiang Mai, on demographic changes since 1796
Houses in the Jungles, on the homes of the northern hill tribes
Teak and Temples in Old Lampang, on the mixed heritage of the north's second oldest city
The Last Restorations of Classic Chiang Mai, on the reconstruction of Golden Age temples
Mon to Monkeys:  The Evolution of Lopburi, on the city's changing roles in its history
Starting with Sukhothai, on the ancient kingdom's contributions to Thai culture
Lost and Found:  Chiang Mai's Predecessor, on the discovery and restoration of Wiang Kumkam
Illuminated Nights--the Loy Krathong Festival, on program changes over the last thirty years
Strange Creatures in Thai Temples, on images of mythical animals of Himmapan Forest
The Chinese Community in Chiang Mai, on their history, economic role and New Year events
Why Chiang Mai?, on the attractions of living in the city
Wat Mae Kaet Noi--the Temple of Hell, on the horrific sculptures in the temple's Hell Garden
Keeping Their Identity:  the Shan in Chiang Mai, on recent Shan revivalism in the city
Rainy Day Excursions to Chiang Mai Museums, evoking and learning about the city's past and culture
Four Centuries of Ayutthaya, on its history, legacy and extant ruins
Chiang Mai's Forest Temples, on the classic retreats built in the Lanna Kingdom days
The Cult of Chamadevi, Queen of Ancient Lamphun, on her life, legends and influence
Strawberry Season in Samoeng, on a scenic drive southwest of Chiang Mai
Decoration and Edification:  Chiang Mai Temple Murals,on their art and meaning
Chiang Mai Craft Traditions, on the survival of classic handicraft skills
Beyond Haripunchai--Excursions Out of Lamphun, on the ruins, temples and other sights
Watgate:  Chiang Mai's International Suburb--on the foreign communities and their institutions


Rockets over the Plain of Jars, on a Buddhist festival in war-scarred Xieng Khouang
Farewell to the Four Thousand Islandson the endangered scenic southern area on the Mekong
Ancient Khmer Mysteries in Southern Laos, on Wat Phu in Champassak
Exploring the Rivers of Luang Phabang, on the Mekong, Nam Ou and Nam Khan
Ambassador to the Akha in Laos, on encounters in the mountains of Luang Nam Tha province
Mekong River Towns in Southern Laos, on Thakhek, Savannakhet, Pakse and Champassak
Change and Continuity in Luang Namtha, on developments over the past two decades
Vang Vieng Before the Flood, on the original attractions and changes afterwards


In Search of Ancient Funan, on a boat ride from Takeo to Angkor Borei
Salt and Pepper City--Kampot, Cambodia, on the city's history,charm and famous products
Phnom Penh--the Last Capital of Cambodia, on the city's history and attractions


Tales of Guilin and the Beautiful River, on the scenery and background stories of the route between Guilin and Yangshuo


The Living Inca Townof Ollantaytambo, on the Sacred Valley of the Incas
Trujillo:  the Culture Capital of Peru, on the Moche, Chimú and Spanish settlers
Floating Islands of Lake Titicaca, on the Native Americans of Puno
Desert Kingdoms ofAncient Peru, on the pre-Inca cultures of the arid coast
Cusco's Double Legacy, on the Spanish transformation of the ancient Inca capital
Imagining Life in Pre-Conquest Peru,  on the evidence in museums and surviving customs
Arequipa: the White City, on the history and unique architecture of the city
Excursions in the Mountains of Peru, on the scenery, people and historical relics

Coming Attractions


Lisu Culture in the Nujiang Markets, on learning from the goods on sale
The Hani of Honghe County, on the Yiche and other sub-groups
Joseph Rock in Yunnan, on the life and legacy of the famous botanist, scholar and explorer


Between the Hills and Plains, on the Karen of northern Thailand


River Rituals in the North, on the festivals at Chèm and other sites
The Chinese in Southern Vietnam on the community's history and contemporary life

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